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Home of the Burrinjuck Railway

Route Overview

The Burrinjuck Railway was a 2ft (600mm) railway built to carry building materials to the Burrinjuck Dam (also known as Barren Jack), which was built as part of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. Construction of the dam commenced in 1907 and was completed in 1928.

The railway ran from Goondah, on the Main Southern Lines of the NSWGR, to the dam site and was approximately 26 miles (42km) long. The line had gradients of 1 in 30, and the full journey took approximately 2.5 hours to complete. It was constructed in 1907 and ran through until the completion of the dam in 1928.

Four 0-4-0 Krauss tank locomotives were used on the line, and the line was designed to transport approximately 100tonnes of material per day.

For a detailed description of the line and its operation, refer to the Route Description tab above.

Open Rails (OR) "Stand-alone" Mode

The Burrinjuck Railway can be installed for use with the Open Rails (OR) railway simulator and does not require MicroSoft Train Simulator (MSTS) to be installed. For those users who do not have MSTS installed, go to the OR Installation Instructions tab above.

Stand-alone mode - means that this route can be operated WITHOUT MSTS installed. The route still uses some files normally associated with MSTS routes, but in this mode of operation only OR needs to be installed. So if you don't own a copy of MSTS, why not give it a go?

MSTS also can be used to operate this route, but the stock and not all the activities will operate in MSTS.

Screenshots and Activities

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Route Map and Gradient Preview

If you would like to see a map of the route and the gradient profile go to the tab.

Other Routes and Railway Content

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There are a number of other routes available through the Coals to Newcastle site. See the "Other CTN Routes" tab above.

Note: If you are running this route in OR "stand-alone" mode (ie without MSTS installed), loading of stock not hosted on the Burrinjuck Railway pages, may cause errors or impact upon OR's performance.

New Stuff

29 September 2022 - Burrinjuck Route updated to include all Burrinjuck stock, working turntable and new physics.

21 June 2016 - Burrinjuck Rolling Stock updated for new features added to Open Rails.

18 August 2013 - Small patch for Cabview to work with latest OR version added to downloads page.

01 October 2012 - Burrinjuck Railway released.

15 September 2012 - Screenshots page added.